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A Sunset at Tanah Lot

The main reason we ended up going to Bali over any other destination was that I had connected with an old friend (lovely facebook) that I used to live with in London (back in 2004) and he had said he was off to Bali and I should make a plan to get there. There wasn’t much to it after that. Bali was always on that list. We checked flights ( was extremely cheap) and there was no turning back. We arrived on the 30th and were initially meant to meet them on the 2nd I think, but problems with their flights had changed their arrival times, so they only made it to Ubud on our fifth day. We were ready to go to the beach (after 6 days in the country), and had told them it would be our last day in Bali. That was all good though, as everybody seemed happy to head to Gili Trawangan (the famous island just off Lombok) the following day, which gave us just enough time to do one last tour in lovely Ubud. We had mentioned a sunset tour to Tanah Lot which included a view of some rice terraces, a coffee plantation, a monkey park (different to the scared monkey forest, which we didn’t even go to) and lastly a sunset at Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is home to the Pura Tanah Lot which basically means Tanah Lot temple. It is a pilgrimage temple which attracts thousands of people each year, some for religious reasons, others just come to take pictures of the holy place. Tanah Lot is also famous for its sunsets, and all I can is “WOW”. They (Greg, Candice, Laralyn, and Julie) had organized the tour and we were told to be ready at 2pm. What a reunion it was! I mean I hadn’t seen Greg for nearly 6 years, but that hadn’t changed anything. It was like we had not been apart at all. A few things were different though. We both had girlfriends and he was engaged to be married so there would definitely be none of the shenanigans we used to get up to in the Uk.

An assortment of cacao and coffee beans

Thats one big mortar!

we got a few tasters of different coffees and teas

Myself and Greg (haven’t seen the boy in 6 years)

knocking back some arak (local palm wine)

the girls turn!

the road to nowhere

rice terraces

more rice terraces

a reunion with old friends

those clouds are looking scary

tanah lot

nice rock formations

an angry ocean

this place had some big waves

awesome power


somethings trying to break through

its all about the sunset


the endless coastline

a couple of beers with old friends

i dont remember what this was, but it was great. maybe nasi campur

This was a indonesian potato dish. Very tasty!

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