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Snorkeling on Gili T

We spent a lot of our time on Gili T in the water, building up camera footage, using the underwater camera Ang bought me for my birthday. We had wanted to make a movie and you’ll get to see it soon enough. The snorkeling was truly amazing and we saw some awesome creatures. When we first heard out about Gili T, turtles had come up a few times, so we were really excited to see our first turtle. We had been snorkeling a lot around Thailand (mostly Koh Tao which actually means turtle Island and Koh Phangan), but had never seen one.

Well, we were in for a delight as turtles seemed to be everywhere around the Island and Ang saw one on her first entry. When I went in, the green glider had disappeared, but I did get to see one later in the day. The turtle was really something to watch and not really phased by our presence. It was a beautiful thing to see, so close, right there in front of you. A pity they swim so fast otherwise I might have got a little stroke in. One of the main highlights though was seeing four sting rays sailing effortlessly through the water. I was so engaged watching these magical beings that when I finally came up, I was half way out to sea (well, just further out than I normally go). It was quite something though watching them flow through the water as if they were actually part of the water itself. Their motion was profoundly hypnotic. I was in total awe for the whole time. That moment seemed like an eternity and I never wanted it to stop. I reckon I could have sat there for days watching them. I think that moment changed me inside forever and Im super happy I got to see such impressive beings.

A big thanks to Ang for the excellent video. I hope y’all enjoy it!

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