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There’s a Monkey on my Shoulder

Because we were staying on Monkey Forest Street we had passed the Sacred Monkey Forest a couple of times while walking around the Ubud area and this time we finally decided to pay up and spend an hour or two with the friendly creatures. You don’t actually need to go inside to get some play time with the primates, because there a few that spend their days lazing around on the streets, but there are some temples, holy water and other things to see if you do. The staff are also not so friendly if you don’t cough up the entrance fee of 20,000 rupiah, as I found out the previous day when I got a nasty stare and a “don’t touch the monkeys” remark, while attempting to make friends on the sidewalk. Once you go inside, you are free to walk around and the monkeys run freely and even occasionally jump on you for some one on one interaction. This doesn’t last long though, as jealousy prevails, and no monkey wants to be left out. For 5,000 to 10,000 rupiah you can buy bananas and treat the monkeys, but be careful, these monkeys love bananas!

a map of the sacred forest


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